When you or a loved one is arrested, you don’t sign away your right to be treated with dignity, respect, and professionalism. At Future Bail Bonds, a San Bernardino Bail Bonds, we believe that every defendant is innocent until proven guilty, and we feel that you deserve to be reunited with your family, friends, and loved ones as quickly as possible following an untimely arrest. How do we do it and why should you choose us over the competition? Check out our video and then read on to discover the benefits of working with our bondsmen!


When you’re looking for a reputable bondsman, you deserve someone who has extensive experience and roots in your community, contact us today. At Future Bail Bonds, we are local residents and our team has several combined years of experience in the bail bonds industry. We understand the impact that an arrest can have on communities and families, and our mission is combat this upheaval by providing affordable bail bonds to our community.


The California legal system may be one of the most complex in our country, and when you or a loved one is arrested, you deserve a partner that is well-versed in the intricacies of the legal process. Thanks to our extensive experience in the bail bonds industry, our bondsmen stand ready to guide you through what can often be an overwhelming and confusing time. We know what it takes to bail someone out of jail and ensure that he or she appears in court when the time comes.


At Future Bail Bonds, we understand that each customer is unique. We also understand that a cookie-cutter bail bonds process is not the best way to serve our community. Our bail bond services are custom-tailored to each customer’s individual needs, offering features such as:

  • Information and reminders: receive bail information and court date reminders free of charge initially.
  • Bilingual bondsmen: clearly understand the terms of your bail and the bail bond contract with translation services.
  • Affordable, flexible plans: rest assured that you can secure a bail bond regardless of your financial situation.
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  • Orange County Bail Bonds
  • Convenient hours: enjoy the convenience of getting the bail bonds process started 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Confidential and fast processes: be assured that your privacy is very important to us, and we’ll work efficiently to help you get out of jail.

Licensed and Bonded

The process of becoming a licensed and bonded bail bondsman in California is closely regulated by the division of insurance. Unfortunately, there are some companies out there that look to circumvent the rigid requirements set forth to obtain licensing. You can be assured that the entire team at Future Bail Bonds is licensed and bonded to provide bail bond services in the state of California. You can count on 100 percent legal and ethical bail bond services when you work with our company.

The bail bonds process can be overwhelming, especially during the emotionally challenging and uncertain times that follow an arrest, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team is here to make the process as quick and easy as possible for you. To make this possible, we offer high-quality, affordable bail bond services to arrestees in the San Bernardino Area, including Rancho, Ontario, Fontana, Alta Loma, Upland, Colton, and the surrounding areas.

To enjoy the benefits of working with such a reliable and ethical company for affordable bail bonds, contact us at 909-990-5700 today to schedule your free consultation.