First let’s start off by recognizing the bail system as a right by our eighth amendment. This amendment goes over excessive fines due to criminal charges and bail bonds which took place in 1971 in our Bill of Rights.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s go over a few key points of the History of Bail Orange County.

Bail is the financial backing or capital that is required to be paid in order for a defendant to be released from jail custody. You can consider bail a form of agreement that grants an individuals freedom in exchange for currency. There is obviously going to be profits involved somewhere throughout this process so the county and state can be paid, but if you have posted bond and completed your court dates, you can be eligible to receive your money back.

Not everyone can get their money back after posting bail.

The only way you can get your money back is if you were the one who actually placed the entire amount of bail up in the first place. This is also known as “cash bail” in our industry. If you’re like the rest of the population, you probably don’t have the entire amount available and you are required to call a bondsman to assist you with the financial backing.

Our staff of Orange County Bail Bonds have the means necessary to assist you with financial backing 24/7.

The history of bail bonds in the city of orange

Bail has been dated to be in existence long before our time, dating back to the early 1770’s before independence was achieved. Once America had fought and claimed their own independence, we had built policies that matched those placed by the English men for detaining and questioning those who have committed a crime and are in the process of a fair trial.

Common laws that were created around the bail era were those such as Habeas Corpus Act of 1677 which permitted magistrates (judges) the right to grant a defendant who is under pre-trial a release on their own recognizance. Why was this important during these times? Current leaders and kings were known to issue the arrest of innocent individuals without bail and never set a court hearing for them. People were literally being arrested and imprisoned for no reason at all other than failing to pay the king money for no reason. You can check this article for more information on the History of Bail.

Bail agents have been around since the beginning and early stages of our country. Ensuring that all American citizens have a fair trial and are granted their freedom to fight their care