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If you or a loved one has been arrested in the county of Orange for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and sent to the local county jail, our Orange County Bail Bonds agents can assist you with a fast and professional release. Common vehicle code violations that we assist our clients with would be  23152(a)VC and 23152(b)VC. This is both driving while over the legal limit and driving with any amount of alcohol currently being in your body.

Many Americans are unaware of DUI laws, especially in California. It is 100% illegal to drive with ANY type of alcohol in your body, many believe that if they are under the legal limit you cannot be convicted of a DUI.

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By law, the county jail cannot release you until you have sobered up and the alcohol levels have been reduced. Once the defendant has been arrested and sent to the Orange County Jail, they will have a booking number associated with their inmate file. We can assist you in obtaining this information to proceed with a bail bonds release. Contact Us today for more information.

About First Time DUI Offenders

Generally speaking, your first offense for a DUI in Orange County will result in a misdemeanor conviction, 2 years of probation, a restricted or revoked license, DUI education classes, community service time and court fees. Once bonded out, you will have a short period of time to speak with a criminal defense attorney to fight your case. Many counties vary due to different magistrates. If you have contacted a San Bernardino Bail Bonds due to an arrest in SB, the sentencing may differ after court.

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