Ending up in jail for whatever reason can be nerve-wracking and traumatizing. It gets much worse if you are unable to pay the bail money.

Here’s the good news: The professional San Bernardino Bail Bonds agents from Future Bail Bonds can help you.

Bail bonds are documents guaranteeing an indicted individual will appear in court. If they don’t appear on the scheduled date, they will forfeit the bail amount paid to secure their release.

The bail agent or the person who posted bail is then authorized by the court to arrest the accused. They must bring back the person to go through the court proceedings.

California’s bail levels over the last ten years are up by 22 percent. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how the system works.

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Characteristics of Professional Bail Bonds

People who’ve never looked for professional bail bonds don’t know what to expect. They might have a clue from watching TV. Yet, that information isn’t enough.

Here’s what to expect:

Arrest and Setting Bond

After your arrest, the police will take you to a holding cell. They’ll check if you have any criminal history or pending warrants.

Judges allow the police to set the bail using the standard charges used for common crimes. In other cases, the judge determines the amount. They consider the severity of the crime, flight risk, and public safety.

The police will hold you until your arraignment in court. Depending on the case, your court appearance could also be for a bond hearing. As such, you or the defendant you know will remain in jail until you pay the bail.

Contacting the Bail Bondsman

If you can’t raise the bail money, you can call a bail bonds company. Their services include posting bail and ensuring you understand the bail process. The bonds are cash, surety, or property bonds.

These bonds secure your release from jail until the date of your court hearing. The bail bonds company will ask for your personal details and the reason for your arrest.

Paperwork Involved

An experienced bail company can process your bail request in a short time. You’ll need to fill some paperwork. These include bail bond application forms and an indemnity agreement.

Either the bail agent will ask the bail seeker to appear at the office or they’ll come to the jail. They’ll complete the paperwork and submit it to the police to secure your release.

In California, this process incurs a 10 percent fee from you to the bail agent’s company. That is 10% of the bail money.

Other Bond Details

Since the bail bondsman is guaranteeing a court that you’ll show up, they may ask for collateral. The collateral can be stocks, jewelry, land, or other items.

Once you attend all the court appearances, the bail money will return to whoever paid it. The court may charge an administrative fee though. At this point, the bail bonds company will give back your collateral.

The benefactor loses the bond if the defendant doesn’t show up to court. The judge will issue an arrest warrant.

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As you can see, professional bail bonds play a crucial role in the justice system. There is no need for you or someone you know to wallow in jail due to lacking bail money. A bail bonds company can solve this problem and guide you through the legal pitfalls.

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