Locate An Inmate That Has Been Arrested By An Officer In San Bernardino

Your first step is to make sure you that have all of the correct contact information for the individual that you are searching for. Without a proper first name, last name and the correct age, you may not be able to find them as fast as you would like.

Your second step should be to contact the West Valley Detention Center or Central Detention Center in San Bernardino County and request to speak to a representative (The staff at Future Bail Bonds can assist you with the process of locating an inmate).


How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Custody In San Bernardino?

If you cannot find the person(s) you are looking for, it might be too soon if they were just arrested within the hour. Our staff is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week to ensure your inmate and bail requests are always met in a timely matter. Call now at (909)990-5700


My Friend Is In Jail In San Bernardino. How Do I Find Him/Her?

If you have already contacted the local San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and they are unable to provide you with the information you have requested, contact us today so a professional can assist you.

Call the San Bernardino Bail Bonds agents from Future Bail Bonds to locate your friend or loved one within minutes. Using their convenient “West Valley Inmate Locator” service, you can get bail and inmate information simply by submitting the defendants’ name, date of birth and your contact number.


My Boyfriend / Husband Is In Jail. What Do I Do?

If your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife or fiance has been arrested and sent to the West Valley Detention Center or Central Detention Center in San Bernardino, they must go through booking and processing before you can request a visit.

This is a very critical time for your loved one since the majority of the pressure lies on the family member in charge of their freedom. You have 2 options to choose from.

  1. Contact A Bail Bondsman and negotiate a reasonable amount for the defendant’s release.
  2. Wait and let the inmate sit in jail until being arraigned by a judge for the charges they are being accused of.


List Of Police Departments Your Family Member Could Have Been Arrested By

Colton PD
Rialto PD
San Bernardino PD
Redlands PD
Rancho Cucamonga PD
Ontario PD
Yucaipa PD
Loma Linda PD