Knowing that a friend or loved one is in jail can be a very traumatic and heart wrenching situation. Many people feel compelled to do whatever they can to help the accused get out of custody as quickly as possible. While this can be a very natural reaction, there are times when the pre-trial release of a defendant is beneficial to everyone involved, and there are other times when it might not be so advantageous.

At Future Bail Bonds in Bloomington, we provide a variety of compassionate and affordable bail bond services. We understand that time is of the essence when you or a loved one is in jail, and our goal is to reunite families and loved ones quickly. Check out our FAQ page and contact one of our reputable bail bond agents today to learn more about our industry-leading service! In the meantime, read on for a few considerations you might want to give thought to before bailing your friend or loved one out of jail.

What are the Nature of the Charges?

At the heart of this consideration should be your personal safety and that of your family and community. Judges take into account a variety of factors when determining whether or not someone should be eligible for bail, and the type of crime the defendant is accused of committing is no exception. However, just because a judge feels like your friend or loved one doesn’t pose a serious threat, it might be wise to rely on your own history with the individual.

How Likely is it that the Accused will Flee?

Does your friend or loved one have a history of bouncing around from town to town? Or are they rooted in their community with a family and long-term employment? When you enlist the help of a bail bond agent to secure a surety bond for your friend or loved one’s release, you’ll be required to put up a premium. Otherwise you’ll have to pay the entire amount of bail with a cash bond. If the defendant flees, the bond money will not be returned to you.

What are the Odds of the Defendant Re-Offending?

Many times, people are released from jail only to wind up re-offending and going back to jail for another crime. If your friend or loved one has an extensive criminal history, or has previously committed crimes while out on bail, there’s a high likelihood this time won’t be any different. However, if this is a first-time offense and it’s extremely unlikely the accused will be arrested again before his or her assigned court date, your chances of unreturned bail funds is less.

What are the Financial Repercussions?

As we’ve discussed in prior articles, there are a few ways of posting bail for the arrested party, but they all have one thing in common: you’re extending yourself financially one way or another to ensure the accused is released. If you put forth a cash bond and your friend or loved one flees, re-offends, or otherwise doesn’t meet the conditions of his or her bail, you may be out your hard-earned money.

If you get help from a bail bond agent, you’ll pay a non-refundable bail bond premium which may involve collateral of some kind. This means you could be at risk of losing your home, car, or other valuable items if your friend or loved one defaults on his or her bail. Before you base your decision on your emotions, it’s always wise to consider what kind of financial repercussions could be looming.

What are the Emotional Repercussions?

Posting bail for someone is a decision that’s not always solely based on money. For some, having their loved one back home means more to them than any amount of money or any valuable ever could. Additionally, the defendant may be the breadwinner of the family, making an efficient release a necessity for the family. When faced with the decision of bailing someone out, some people feel they simply could not live with themselves if they allowed the accused to sit in jail any longer than they have to.

If you’ve found yourself questioning whether or not to post bail for a friend or loved one, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. Some are monetary, and some are emotional, and weighing your options very carefully will prove beneficial for all parties in the long run. If you have questions about the bail bond process, or would like to speak with a compassionate bail bond agent to get the bond process started for your friend or loved one, contact Future Bail Bonds today! We provide affordable, customer-focused bail bond services to all cities in the San Bernardino area and we’re happy to review your unique situation while addressing any questions or concerns you have.

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