If you’ve never had to post bail for yourself or a loved one, the laws surrounding bail bonds can be somewhat of a mystery. Even if you have had to post bail before, it’s likely that you were less concerned with the governing laws related to bail bonds, and more concerned about getting out of jail and being reunited with loved ones. In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at California bail law.

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Who Oversees the Regulatory Process?

Many bail bond agents run their own business, some out of a home office and others with an official storefront. It can often appear that the owner of a bail bond business is on his own, running the show without anyone else to answer to. However, the bail bond industry is tightly regulated in the state of California to ensure consumer rights are protected and consistent, affordable services are rendered. Who is the regulatory body over the bail bond industry?

It might surprise you to learn that it is the California Department of Insurance (CDI) who oversees all licensing, complaints, and other administrative tasks related to bail bonds. Since the Bail Bond Regulatory Act passed in 1937, the CDI has regulated all aspects of the industry because bail bonds are underwritten and issued as surety bonds and bail agents act as representatives of licensed insurance entities. For more information, or to read the laws for yourself, check out the California Insurance Code sections 1800 through 1823.

What are the Qualifications to Become a Bail Bond Agent?

Knowing that the bail bond industry is regulated by the CDI, it only makes sense that there would be strict qualifications for becoming an agent and maintaining your licensure. In order to qualify to become a bail bond agent in the state of California, applicants must be at least 18 years old, a resident of California, and never been convicted of a felony. Additionally, there is pre-licensing education requirements that must be completed. Applicants must finish at least 20 hours of approved classroom courses related to the following:

  • Rights of arrestees
  • Laws and regulations related to bail bonds
  • Duties and responsibilities of bail bond agents
  • Ethics
  • Safety

Those wishing to become a bail bond agent can file either as an individual or a corporation. Regardless of the type of entity one files as, 12 hours of continuing education is necessary for licence renewal every two years along, with a $170 fee.

What are the Filing Requirements?

Once the qualifications for becoming an agent are met, individuals and corporations must go through the filing process with the CDI. The process and application forms for individuals and corporations vary from one another, but each has to do the following:

  • Complete an application for a bail license
  • File for a Bond of Bail Agent
  • Obtain a Bail Agent Action Notice from the CDI
  • Obtain proper forms from the CDI if employing another bail agent
  • File all forms that will be commonly used in the scope of the bail bond business with the CDI.

Individuals must also have their fingerprints processed and pass an exam prepared by the CDI. Both individual applicants and corporations are required to pay a license filing fee when submitting the application to become a bail bond agent.

Reputable San Bernardino Bail Bond Agent

As you can see, becoming a bail bond agent is no small feat. Bail bond agents and corporations are required to adhere to all laws governing the industry or they will be stripped of their license. When you call Future Bail Bonds, you can rest assured that each of our agents are licensed and bonded to provide industry-leading bail bond services within the state of California. With the assistance of our efficient, affordable, and ethical services, you can be reunited with your loved ones faster than you thought possible.

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