Meeting with a bondsman for the first time to discuss a potential surety bond to bail a loved one out of jail can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience if you have never done it before. Knowing what questions to ask and feeling comfortable discussing your concerns can go a long way in making your initial consultation a positive experience. In part one of this blog, we provided ideas for three questions to ask a potential bail bond agent, and in today’s blog we will continue the discussion with four additional questions.

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Additional Consultation Inquiries

In addition to asking about the bond company’s experience, license, and how they handle bail forfeiture, there are a few more questions that you should ask during your consultation with a bondsman. Because we believe in complete transparency and empowering our potential clients, we have listed them below.

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May I Have All Financing Terms in Writing?

When you enter into any type of financial agreement, it is always a good idea to get the terms of the agreement in writing, and entering into a bail bond contract is no different. The bail bondsman should have no issue explaining the financing terms to you verbally, but be sure to ask for a copy of them in writing. This is a good idea for many reasons, but primarily because you may need to reference the terms of the agreement in the future. Having the financial terms in writing on a document that is either signed by the bondsman or includes the company letterhead will help hold the bail agent accountable for his or her end of the deal.

Do You Have a Sample Contract?

When you work with a bail agent to get a friend or loved one out of jail, you’ll be expected to enter into a bail agreement or contract as an indemnitor. This means that you are responsible for the bail premium payment and doing everything you can to ensure the defendant makes every one of his or her court dates. The bail contract is a legally enforced document that details the responsibilities of all involved parties. For example, if the defendant skips bail, it is important to know what the repercussions are and how they impact you as the indemnitor prior to signing the contract. Viewing a sample contract ahead of time will help ensure you know what it includes.

What are Your Bail Conditions?

In a prior blog, we reviewed six common bail conditions the courts may impose on your loved one once he or she is bailed out of jail and awaiting trial. The court’s conditions may address things such as legal compliance, employment conditions, social limitations, weapon restrictions, and other expectations. Bail agents are permitted to have their own conditions and expectations of the defendant, so long as they are ethical and reasonable. It is important to ask a potential bail agent what kind of conditions they impose on defendants, if any, and what means they use to enforce these conditions.

How Do Payments Work?

As you research bail bond companies, you may begin to notice that billing and payment practices may vary from place to place. One thing you want to be sure to ask a potential bondsman is how the premium payment works for the surety bond. Is it all due in one lump sum, or is the company willing to work out some kind of payment plan? In California, the DOI mandates a standard 10 percent premium. Depending on how high the bail is set, you may or may not be able to pay this premium all at once. Most companies adhere to this law and are willing to offer payment plans to their clients, and you should be wary of companies that offer premium discounts.

Surety Bonds in San Bernardino

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