No one intends to spend the night in county jail due to drunk driving, yet hundreds of Americans in California drive drunk each and every day knowing the risks that follow.

Not only does the jail time sound unpleasant, but the financial burden that you’re hit with after court packs a serious punch towards your wallet.

We serve all of California, but only select cities are given bail as an option, many jails require you to sit and wait until you are sober, then they will release you.

In 2015, there were three times as many drunk drivers being males compared to females. In 2016, over 10,000 drunk drivers died after being involved in a crash.

So When Can You Bail Out Of Jail For A DUI?

Our Orange County Bail Bonds office can post bond for any DUI arrest, but our San Bernardino Bail Bonds office can’t. Yet the rate of DUI’s in Orange is much much greater than San Bernardino’s.

How Expensive Can A DUI Charge Get?

Depending on the county, a judge can convict you of driving under the influence and tack on an easy $3,000 worth of court fines. In addition to that, you will be required to enroll in drinking and driving educational classes required by the state of California.

You will also be required to participate in community service or place an ankle monitor for house arrest within your home. House arrest can vary in price, but usually starts off at $250 a month.

Should I Hire An Attorney For A DUI Arrest?

While many cases are clear cut and you know very well that you were guilty of driving way over the legal limit. There are also cases where you may not have been under any influence of a substance, but you’re just a “bad driver”. We’ve had clients that have posted bond, hired a DUI lawyer and beat their case. It’s always on a case by case basis.

Helpful Resources

Here is a list of useful links after a recent DUI/DWI arrest. Remember, they do charge you for their services.

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Do you have a loved one that has recently been arrested for driving under the influence? We can locate your family member today and provide you with the proper information that you need to get them out of jail. Whether they need a bond posted at a local county jail or if they are going to be released on their own recognizance. Our staff will make sure that you are informed and given a status update. Contact us today.