Bail Bonds for a DUI arrestDUI bail bonds can secure your freedom after being arrested on a DUI charge.

In some cases, you’ll be able to leave on your own personal recognizance. This means the court trusts you to show up for your hearing without paying a bail fee. However, DUI laws are strictly enforced, so this is fairly unlikely.

In other cases, you’ll pay a certain amount set by the court and be free to leave jail after this is paid. You’ll have to show up for your case later, and follow certain rules, or you forfeit the money.

Here are 3 ways in which DUI bail bonds can benefit your case.

1. You’ll Be Free to Go (For Now)

If you’re in prison, you can’t really communicate well with your defense team.

In cases where DUI bail bonds are accepted, the defendant is free to go until their allocated court date. However, your bail will come with conditions.

For example, you may be ordered by the court not to leave the state. Or you might have to report to a local police station regularly.

If you breach the conditions, you might not only forfeit any bond you paid, but face further legal consequences. This may involve having your bail revoked, which means you’ll be arrested and returned to jail.

How Long Do You Have To Sit In Jail For A DUI?

Many counties require inmates to automatically sit in their designated “drunk tank” in order to sober up, allowing the drunk inmates’ blood alcohol level to decrease.

This average timeframe is 6-12 hours. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do and nothing anybody can do to expedite this process since it is the state law in California.

DUI Booking Process

Once an inmate has been arrested for driving under the influence, they will be sent to the local county jail for fingerprinting and their mugshots/inmate photos.

After they have completed the fingerprinting stage, the deputies within the jail will begin an extensive warrant search throughout the county of arrest and/or other counties within the state.

After there have been no findings for an active warrant, you can now contact a local bail bondsman for an immediate release. Prices vary per county but expect an average balance of $250 to be owed in return for bail.

After a bond has been posted, the defendant should be released within 3-5 hours, depending on the volume of inmates that are being released as well.

2. Posting DUI Bail Bonds Reduces Stress

Posting DUI bail bonds means you don’t have the stress of life in jail while waiting on remand for your hearing. Unsurprisingly, this is a thoroughly unpleasant experience for most people.

You’ll get to see your family and friends, and enjoy normal life for a while.

You’ll still have to face a judge, which is an intimidating experience for most people. But you’ll also have time outside of jail to mentally prepare yourself for this.

3. You’re More Able to Talk to Your Attorney

This means you’ll be free to talk to your attorney and help them work towards an effective defense in your case. You could talk from jail, but generally, people would rather avoid this. Did you know that inmate calls are legally recorded in the State of California?

As you’re less stressed about the situation, it’s easier to think about what to say in court, and how you see the case going.

Plus, by having better access to you, your attorney can build a better case. There’s no guarantee you won’t face any penalty, but preparation is key in reducing sentencing severity in many cases.

By having more of your time in which to work through all angles, your attorney may be able to deliver a better argument in court in your favor.

How Can I Have My DUI Bail Bond Processed ASAP?

At Future Bail Bonds, we’re dedicated to the efficient and effective processing of your bail bond, so that you can leave jail as soon as possible after your arrest. Visit our services page for more information.

While we cannot speed up the process in which the jail must follow to fully book an inmate into custody, we can complete everything that is needed on our end as fast and efficient as possible.

For your convenience, our DUI Bail Agents are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week to ensure your bail needs are met within minutes of contacting our agency for emergency services.

We’re fully licensed by the California Department of Insurance, and always endeavor to follow its regulations to the letter. So you can rely on us to provide legally watertight bail solutions – unlike some less scrupulous companies out there.

Contact us today for a confidential discussion about your bail bond needs.

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