1. History Of Bail Bonds

    First let's start off by recognizing the bail system as a right by our eighth amendment. This amendment goes over excessive fines due to criminal charges and bail bonds which took place in 1971 in our Bill of Rights. Now that we've got that covered, let's go over a few key points of the History of …Read More

  2. Arrested For A DUI Charge

    No one intends to spend the night in county jail due to drunk driving, yet hundreds of Americans in California drive drunk each and every day knowing the risks that follow. Not only does the jail time sound unpleasant, but the financial burden that you're hit with after court packs a serious punch t…Read More

  3. Domestic Violence Bail Bonds In Orange County

    Many Americans, especially in California, find themselves in custody after a heated argument with their significant other. After contacting a Domestic Violence Bail Bonds, here are a few facts about Domestic while fighting your case. Does The “Victim” Intend To Press Charges? While both parties …Read More

  4. What to Expect When Looking for Professional Bail Bonds

    Ending up in jail for whatever reason can be nerve-wracking and traumatizing. It gets much worse if you are unable to pay the bail money. Here's the good news: The professional San Bernardino Bail Bonds agents from Future Bail Bonds can help you. Bail bonds are documents guaranteeing an indicted i…Read More

  5. How To Locate An Inmate In A San Bernardino County Jail

    Locate An Inmate That Has Been Arrested By An Officer In San Bernardino Your first step is to make sure you that have all of the correct contact information for the individual that you are searching for. Without a proper first name, last name and the correct age, you may not be able to find them as …Read More

  6. Can You Go To Jail For Cursing Out A Cop?

    Let's start this off by making things very clear. Aggravating a police officer or any official whom is in a position to protect the peace can place you in cuffs and send you to county if they feel at risk or their life is being threatened. So if you can avoid this entire situation, just walk away. B…Read More

  7. What Happens If I Skip My Court Date?

    When you are accused of a crime and arrested, you want to do everything you can to get out of jail as quickly as possible so that you can return home to your family and job. Depending on the nature and seriousness of your charges, you may have the opportunity for a pretrial release through bail. If …Read More

  8. What Rights Do Inmates Have?

    It’s never easy imagining someone you love being arrested and booked into jail, and when a friend or loved one has been arrested unexpectedly, you may have many concerns that are related to his or her safety and wellbeing. It may provide some sense of comfort to know that there are several basic c…Read More