Bail Bonds Costa Mesa


What is the Process of Posting Bail Bonds?

If you are facing an arrest, the first thing on your mind should be bail bonds Costa Mesa. The same should be your thoughts if it is someone in your family. There are such services that can help you with posting your bail bond and can navigate through the legal process. They can help you secure the freedom of a family member or self. This process requires you to furnish the service with certain information. It is best to have this information handy so that there are no delays.

Information on Defendant

The service providing bail bonds Costa Mesa will require you to provide the following information about the defendant:

  • The individual’s full name & date of birth
  • The place where the person has been incarcerated

Information on the Indemnitor

The following information will be required on the indemnitor:

  • Their full name & date of birth
  • Their complete address
  • Their phone numbers – both home and cell phone
  • The Social Security number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Place of employment & address
  • Length of employment & employer’s phone number


When it comes to bail bonds Costa Mesa, a collateral will also be required. It can be almost any resource of value that you may possess. Usually, a credit card can work as a collateral. You can also consider other belongings of value, such as:

  • A car
  • Jewelry
  • Real estate

If you have been arrested and get the opportunity to make a phone call, make sure to call a friend or family member who can find the right bail bond service for you. You should also discuss the collateral with your acquaintance. The collateral is usually returned back when you show up for your court dates.

Bail Bond Process

Once your bail bonds Costa Mesa agent collects all the required information they will explain the contract to you. When an agreement has been reached, you will be required to sign documents. They will collect the collateral and the funds. The next step is to fill all the legal documentation required for gaining your release. The documents are then delivered to the relevant place of jurisdiction.

When you are released, you will be required to visit the bail bonds Costa Mesa office and sign the necessary documents. It is important that you attend all the court dates as per the agreement. Thus, this simple process can help you secure your freedom and attend your professional and personal duties without any hindrances.