Wondering what to do after a DUI arrest? Being arrested a pleasant experience, but there are some vital steps you need to take to protect your legal rights.

Santa Ana DUI arrest and bail bonds. 4 steps to take after a dui arrest.
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There’s more to it than just contacting an Orange County Bail Bonds and you’re on a clean slate. Preparation for court comes next.

The legal limit of blood alcohol concentration is currently 0.08 in all states. The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that this is lowered to 0.05.

While the best advice is not to drink at all before driving, we’re all human. And it’s possible that you might actually feel completely fine yet be over the limit, as everybody’s body is different.

So it’s important you follow these steps, as the legal process can be intimidating and complicated. Here’s what you should do following your arrest.

1. Remain Calm After Your DUI Arrest

Being pulled over by the police is not pleasant – even when you know that you’ve done nothing wrong.

So take a deep breath, remain calm and comply with their instructions. Know your rights, as anything you say can be used against you in court.

But don’t have a smart mouth. The police are professionals, but they’re human too – there’s definitely no need to aggravate them.

When you have the opportunity, write down an account of what has happened. Make sure to include, to the best of your memory, what was said, and the reason the officer gave you for the arrest during the DUI stop.

2. Arrange a Bail Bond

If you are told to pay a bond, you’ll need to contact a local bail bonds agency to assist you. There are two forms of bail in which you can pay.

  1. Cash bail – Which requires the full amount being paid to the jail at once. You will get this money back as long as you appear in court.
  2. Bail Bond – Contact a local bail bonds company and only pay 10% of the face value bond amount. A 20,000 bond would only cost you $2,000 at 10%.

3. Call an Expert Attorney

You need an expert attorney to represent you after your DUI arrest. You should arrange for them to attend any interview you have with the police.

They’ll know what to do and what to say. You should follow their instructions, including producing any evidence or statement they think might help your case. They may also ask you to help them gather statements from character witnesses.

Their expertise may not ultimately be enough to keep you from being penalized in court, depending on the circumstances.

But it gives you the best protection for your legal rights during the process and the best chance of a fair trial.

4. Report to Court

Once you’ve been booked into the local jail by the police, bonded out of jail, and received expert advice from a DUI lawyer, you’ll later come before a judge.

Do exactly as the court instructs you to. If you fail to show up for your later hearing, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you’ll be brought before a very unhappy court.

DUI charges are typically set as misdemeanors and will not require any jail time, but never take this as legal advice.

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